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Remote Thrusting Shake Vibrating Realistic Dildo

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Wide Suction Cup Most Realistic Dildo

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Thrusting Dildo Vibrator with Rotation and Heating Sex Toys

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With regards to silicone dildos, the name basically summarizes it. Silicone dildos are simply your standard authentic dildo, yet they’re produced using the best material on earth. As an entirely skin-safe, hypoallergenic choice, high-grade silicone gets folded over the center of the world’s most silicone dildos to make a sleek completion that does some incredible things with all body types. Most awesome aspect all, silicone dildos are typically water-safe, amazingly tough, neighborly with any water-based lube in your assortment.


Some of us think that silicone dildos are all the same. Before using a silicone dildo, it is important that you know the different types to ensure and safe and pleasurable experience.


Curved silicone dildos are specially made for people who get pleasure from stimulating the G-spot.

Silicone anal dildos are made for anal penetration. They come with a base which is flared and can be easily moved around. It is helpful to pull out and it is safer for the anal cavity. They are also easier to clean.

Double-ended silicone dildos are ideal for double penetration, that is, both vaginal and anal penetration for double pleasure.
Strap-on silicone dildos come with a harness and can be put on for some play.
Real penis-like silicone dildos are made with all the features to resemble a human penis. It is crafted with vein-like cuttings which will not only make it look like a penis but also feel like one.


A lot of us think that silicone is a delicate, jelly-like substance and keeping a silicone dildo in high temperatures might melt it. This is a myth. If your silicone dildo is made from high-quality silicone, this is never to happen. At extreme high degrees, it might change the color but will not melt.

Another myth is that we should not use lube with silicone dildos. Again this depends on the quality. If your lube and the silicone dildo are made from a really good quality material, you will not have any skin reaction or infection.
Silicone dildos are non-porous. Do not trust people who will ask you not to use them because they are not safe and they are porous. And yes, they cannot house bacteria or viruses.


Firstly do not get swayed by fancy terms and names like TPR-Silicone, SEBS, etc. These are names devised by silicone dildo selling companies to make you pay more and make you believe they are giving you something of a superior quality.

Now as far as choosing the real silicone dildo goes, one has to be wary of false companies selling false silicone dildos. Go for trusted brands. No one can tell you exactly how to buy a real silicone dildo of 100% pure quality. So we suggest that you do your own research and then buy one for yourself since silicone dildos are more expensive than the others and you do not want to pay for something that will cost you more in the future.


Silicone is non-permeable so they are easier to be cleaned and are much safer. They do not allow bacteria to breed which happens with many other dildos. The best way is to wash them with a soap that is not too harsh and with mildly warm water. If you want an even safer way then disinfect the silicone dildo in boiling water and wash them slightly with dishwasher.

Be careful to keep a silicone dildo away from any sharp objects as it might tear the dildo or leave the other area damaged.