How To Use Masturbation cup

Masturbation cup

1. Control the use of frequency.
Although the masturbation cup is good, do not overdo it! Less than 3 times a week. Even if you are not using a masturbation cup, you need to control the solution with your hand. I asked many boys about premature ejaculation and impotence caused by masturbation, and most of them were addicted to masturbation. The actual fact is that you will not be able to sleep without masturbating once a day, some even several times a day. In the long run, depression, soreness of the waist and knee, and sexual function decline.

2. The speed should be slowed down.
Many people get a masturbation cup on an operation as fierce as a tiger, and then come to me to complain that the masturbation cup is too exciting, and was faster than the hand. The masturbation cups are certainly more exciting than the hand. The opening part imitates the female pudendum, which is not only vivid but also very pink. The channel is usually filled with large particles, folds, etc., which is more complicated and more compact than the internal structure of the vagina.

So you should go in slowly. Especially at the beginning, when you are not familiar with the structure inside, try to insert as deep as you can. When you feel a little excited, your speed will be slower. If you go in and out several times, you cann’t stand it. It’s time to stop. When the excitement has decreased, try to enter again. That sort of thing.


3. It is not recommended to watch the film when using the masturbation cup.
This does not apply to friends who have been with each other for a long time. For guys who are already more sensitive, whether it is before or during the use of the film, will make themselves more aroused, adhere to the time will be even shorter. Not only can you not watch the film, you have to distract yourself while using the masturbation cup. Think about what the weather is like, what’s happening in the political arena, when the mortgage payment is due this month, and whether you have the money to pay it back. In a word, don’t focus on the following excitement. This technique can also be applied to real sex.

4. It will be a little longer when you wear a condom.
Condoms can not only shrink, but also reduce the sensitivity to a certain extent. It is more economical to wear condoms for boys who are clean, or lazy. But wearing a condom is not required. After all, the experience will be much better if you don’t wear it. There is very little chance of internal ejaculation.

5. Always use lubricating oil.
The masturbation cup does not produce water. If you do not use lubricant, it will be very raw and difficult to enter. Especially some friends with thick glans need to use more lubricating oil. Where is it applied to? You can put it on your penis, put a little to the opening of the masturbation cup, or drop a little in it.

The last thing is to have confidence, do not give up because of the first few times too fast time, and strive for a longer time than once. Follow the correct method and keep exercising. After three or five months, there will be a surprise.

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