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Orgasmic Curved Glass Double Headed Dildo

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Pink Masturbation Sword Double Ended Dildo

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Spiral Stripes Double Ended Glass Dildo

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Beaded Bliss 7 Inch Double Ended Dildo

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Purple Dildo Ribbed Double Ended 13 Inch

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Green Dildo Vaginal Play 13 Inch Double Headed

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Green Glass Cucumber Textured Dildo

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Looking to spice up your sex life with some double penetration? Want to experience the best of both worlds? We house a large collection of DP dildos that come in a variety of sizes, curvatures, colors, and textures!

Double ended dildos can be found in retail stores near you that sell sex toys. However, nothing beats the kind of collection that can be found online. Online stores usually house call types of collections available in the market. The products are also cheaper than most retail stores. Some are white dildos while others are black in colour. 

Choosing the right kind of double dildo is very important. A lesbian double ended dildo comes in various sizes and curvatures. Depending on the position you and your partner are going for, the curvature of the dildo must be decided. Get yours today with Free Shipping Worldwide!!

Double sided dildos will help to explore a lot. For example, there are some women have many sex toys in their room, like dildos, vibrators, and dildo machine. They will always buy and use these double sided dildos to spice up their lust and improve their sex life. For ladies in forlorn hours, they are the perfect thing to have some good time. The individuals who play with a dildo or vibrator initially will before long need more and the quest for energizing sex toys on the web starts. On the off chance that a lady has just had a butt plug and appreciates it, she will unquestionably not be opposed to a double sided dildo. The objective is extremely basic, you need to fulfill the two openings simultaneously.

There are different types of double sided dildos online. For example, you can find many toys you never heard of before in Fondvibe. Smooth, soft and comfortable, and many of them can be bought from 10 USD. They are tight and are ideal for fledglings. The low thickness makes the entrance simpler.

At that point, there are many double sided dildos made of entirely adaptable material. The uncommon thing about them is the twofold glans, which implies there is one at each end. It takes some training to have the option to enter the vagina and anus simultaneously. You should require some grease to make it work easily. Be that as it may, these two sided dildos give the client an uncommon inclination, since they are a lot thicker and have an organized surface. Each lady detects these boosts inside herself and the delight can grow better. So many kinds of double dildos can be found online for you to explore new territory.


Do store the double sided vibrator dildo in a place that is cool, free of moisture and shady. Sunlight can directly react with the material that makes the double sex toy dildo, either melting it or harming it. The best place to store the double dildo is inside Tupperware boxes, or in cupboards, and drawers.

If you don’t want the double headed dildo to be found by other family members or friends, keep them safely in a place that is only known to you, like in a hidden compartment in your wardrobe. This will save you from embarrassment that can be easily avoided.

Don’t store the double headed dildo in a place that Is not cleaned regularly or can accumulate dust, for example, under the bed. Make sure you clean the double ended strap on dildo before storing it. Do not store the double sided dildo with another sex toy made of the same material. The two might react together and corrode.

Do not keep the double penetration dildo out in the open. Cover it with a soft cotton cloth, or in its own packaging. This will keep the double toy dildo safe from harmful conditions.

Do take out the batteries from a double dildo if it functions as a vibrator as well. If the batteries are kept in the dildo for long, the chemicals over time might ooze into the sex toy and cause harm to your body.

Using double penetration dildo is like experiencing the best of both worlds. They also come in a variety of sizes, colors and textures. Find your perfect one today!